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Edge sander (WOD-08)



HT7 Disc Floor Sander

The HT7 is a high performance disc floor sander (edger) that delivers unrivalled balance and feel. The choice of professionals, the HT7 delivers the power to tackle the toughest of jobs. Designed to be easy to handle, with bias off switching and optional disposable paper dust bags for safe and simple operation, whatever the job


The HT7 has been precision engineered to meet the challenging demands of the tool hire and rental, contractor and professional markets. The powerful four brush motor drives a dynamically balanced sanding pad. The HT7's drive is transmitted through a hardened steel alloy pinion and large diameter aluminum bronze drive gear that will not slip or stall. Motor commutation is via Hiretech's precision molded brush block and brass brush holders. Constant force brush springs ensure a smooth, consistent power transmission.

Hiretech's unique metal backed sanding pad gives the HT7 the balance, feel and touch demanded by the professional craftsman. A high precision press tool produces a dynamically balanced disc to which the rubber sanding pad is bonded using a specially developed process. This special process allows the rubber pad to be bonded to the metal back leaving an 8mm (5/16") deep rubber edge around the whole circumference of the disc. This design also allows the pad to be accurately trimmed and properly maintained throughout its life. Operator safety is improved as the soft edge reduces the risk of base boards, pipe work and other exposed work surfaces being cut into.

Manufactured as a dynamically balanced component, the HT7 sanding pad does not require any additional balancing or corrective procedures to make it run without vibration. This ensures that the HT7 will run smoothly - prolonging the life of the pad, drive gear and motor.

The HT7 Disc Floor Sander will sand a high quality, score-free finish on hard and soft wood floors, including parquet and any solid wood surface that requires rapid sanding and leveling. The HT7 can also be used on a wide range of other surfaces including some types of decking, fiber board, cork and composition floors. Ideal for confined areas such as closets, stair treads and sanding right up to the edge of a floor (edge sanding), without damage to the base board or skirting.

The bias off switch and optional disposable paper dust bag system makes the HT7 the safest disc floor sander available. The continuous heavy duty self-cooling four brush motor will not stall or slow down under load when sanding with coarse grit abrasives, removing old surface finishes and deposits of wax and dirt. The HT7’s superb balance and feel make it easy to sand a score-free finish, with a high production rate and fast stock removal when needed

Key Design Features

  1. Biased off switch with power connected indicator light, prevents the HT7 from accidental start-up protecting operator and property.
  2. Precision molded brush block with brass brush holders and constant force brush springs.
  3. Optional disposable paper bags for efficient and safe dust collection. Manufactured from recycled materials, Hiretech disposable paper dust bags are the environmentally friendly way to handle and dispose of the dust created during the sanding process.
  4. Economic handle design minimizes fatigue when used over extended periods of time. Handles securely support the HT7 in an upside-down position for easy changing of abrasive discs.
  5. Dust bag support folds upright to provide cable storage. 7m (23') power cable with non-marking outer insulation prevents marking of newly sanded floor.
  6. Wheel castors allow HT7 to glide effortlessly across floor surface allowing easy changes in direction.
  7. Storage for sanding pad wrench.
  8. High powered vacuum system, with seated oversize wide bladed alloy vacuum fan.
  9. Hardened steel alloy pinion and large diameter aluminum bronze drive gear that will not slip or stall.
  10. Hiretech's unique dynamically balanced metal backed sanding pad provides superb feel and touch and consistent sanding performance on all floor types and conditions.
  11. ABS disc guard freely rotates against base boards and skirting preventing damage and protects the sanding pad.
  12. Polished aluminum alloy body


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