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Jigsaw (WOD-01)


With its 8.4-amp motor, the Hilti WSJ 850-ET jigsaw is one of the most powerful cutting tools available. It's designed to appeal to commercial users, and everything about it --including its price -- reflects its professional focus.


The Hilti WSJ 850-ET jigsaw is all about accuracy and precision. The longer-than-most blade stroke (1-1/8 inches) helps cut through thicker material with less force, which -- in addition to the blade clamping system -- helps ensure accurate results. It's a versatile tool, built to glide through everything from wood and timber to metals and composites to plastics and plasterboard. It has a patented counterbalance system to drastically cut vibration. And the soft, ergonomic grip on this model dampens the vibration even further.


This saw has a six-position stroke rate adjustment and four orbital action settings, which let you adjust the tool to your preference, rather than the other way around. It has adjustable diecast baseplates for bevel cuts up to 45 degrees; strong, impact-resistant housing; and a constant-on button.


The design of this model kicks up just a small amount of dust and can be connected to a portable shop vac, but if you're looking for even less mess, invest in the optional self-contained dust-removal attachment. It can be mounted right on the saw and claims to reduce dust in the workplace by up to 85 percent.

The Hilti WSJ 850-ET jigsaw is equipped with a handy blade-ejection system, which lets you get rid of a spent blade without touching it. It's covered by Hilti's phenomenal 1-year full-service program, which includes repair, maintenance and replacement of worn or defective parts, plus shipping to and from the manufacturer, at no charge. The Hilti WSJ 850-ET jigsaw is a top-of-the-line tool with an impressive design that earns Consumer Guide's Best Buy designation.


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