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Drilling and Fixing
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Medium duty rotary hammer drill (DAF-05)


TE 56-ATC combihammer

  • TE-Y (SDS Max) chuck
  • 1100 W
  • 6.6 kg
  • Active Torque Control
  • Theft Protection System
  • (Requires purchase of TPS-C set to activate)


Applications uses:

  • Drilling anchor holes and through holes in concrete, masonry, natural stone and tiles with 12 – 40 mm diameter TE-YX hammer drill bits.
  • Setting anchors.
  • Drilling through holes in concrete, masonry and natural stone with 40 - 80 mm diameter TE-Y-GB breach bits.
  • Drilling through holes in concrete, masonry and natural stone with 45 - 150 mm diameter TE-Y-BK percussion core bits.
  • Cutting socket recesses in masonry with 68 – 87 mm diameter TE-Y-SC diamond socket cutters.
  • Drilling through holes in masonry (brick, sand-lime block) with 42 – 82 mm diameter TE-Y-PCM diamond core bits.
  • Chiseling concrete, masonry and natural stone with YE-Y pointed, flat, wide-flat, hollow, channel and mortar chisels plus bushing tools
  • Rotary drilling in wood ( 10 – 32 mm diameter) and in metal (up to 20 mm diameter) using the quick-release chuck.

Features and Benefits

  • ATC detects jamming of the drill bit: Stops the machine in a split second in case the user is about to lose control of the tool.
  • Increased rotation speed when drilling without hammering: Optimum performance with PCM diamond socket cutters on masonry.
  • 2 preselectable power levels:Reduced power for working on brittle materials.
  • Offer all standard features e.g:TE-Y (SDS Max) chuck for quick exchange of drill bits.Electronic speed control switch for better drill precession.
  • Switch lockbutton for chiseling: For rapid chiseling progress and greater comfort.
  • Hammering cut-out: For twist drilling.
  • Service indicator: For planned servicing and less down-time.
  • Comprehensive range of drill bits and accessories: For greater versatility. For better availability.


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