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Light duty rotary hammer drill (DAF-04)


Powerful, Light-Duty TE 2 Rotary Hammer Drills for a Variety of Applications


Hilti has developed technology that is setting the standard in the industry. Introducing three new light-duty rotary hammer drills to meet the most demanding jobsite requirements. The TE 2 rotary hammer drills are designed to be powerful, yet lightweight, incredibly versatile and highly durable. With three models to chose from, you can be confident that one was designed specifically for your line of work. 


Providing superior tool quality for a wide range of jobs is what Hilti does best. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the TE 2 rotary hammer drills are not only highly versatile but also come with a two-year full service warranty at no extra charge to you. This means you will have no repair costs for a full two years! 


A new and innovative product to the Hilti line of rotary hammer drills, the Hilti TE 2 is powerful and easy-to-use, offering you convenience and increased productivity on the jobsite. The TE 2 rotary hammer is designed for "production" oriented contractors who drill many small diameter holes in concrete and masonry (3/16"-3/4" diameter). The Hilti TE 2 rotary hammer drills up to ½ " diameter in steel and up to 3 ½ " diameter into wood, giving you jobsite performance that won't let you down. The TE 2 is designed to withstand usage of concrete contractors, roofers, mechanical, and electrical contractors.


The TE 2-S gives you the same powerful punch as the TE 2, but also gives you the precision you need to drill into brittle materials quickly and easily. Drilling at full speed but with two-thirds hammer reduction, the Precision Specialty Drilling (PSD) function makes the TE 2-S the best tool for drilling into tile, brick, marble, and stone. But it is the surprising power of the TE 2-S, when at full hammering speed that gives the user optimum performance and productivity like no other tool on the market. The TE 2-S "Specialized" is perfect for interior finishers, hardware installers, facilities maintenance personnel, and stone masons. If you need a light touch from a reduction in hammering power, the TE 2-S is for you.


If versatility, power, and quality are what you're looking for, the Hilti TE 2-M is the perfect tool for you. The TE 2-M "Multifunctional" rotary hammer includes all of the features of the TE 2 and TE 2-S along with the classic Hilti "quick release chuck" feature. Designed for those contractors that want one drilling tool that can do it all. You'll be able to drill into concrete, masonry, stone, and brittle material. Plus, with two rotary drilling speeds and an electronic variable speed switch, you can drill into wood and metal with high power. The Hilti TE 2-M provides the best value for your dollar. A high performance rotary hammer with the versatility of a cam-action drill, the Hilti TE 2-M is a true multipurpose tool.


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