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About us


Hire One Ltd is committed to conducting our operations in an environmentally responsible manner and ensuring that we:

  • comply with relevant legal and other requirements
  • meet the requirements of ISO 14001 standard
  • develop effective pollution prevention methods
  • continually improve through regular audits and reviews of good practice in our industry


We consider meeting these principles to be a minimum level of performance, which we will develop by fulfilling the aims below.


In our own hire and transport fleet we aim to:

  • Maintain equipment to maximise effectiveness and minimise fuel consumption.
  • Progressively improve fuel efficiency when we update our rental and transport fleets.
  • Maintain equipment to avoid environmental incidents and pollution.
  • Maximise re-use and recycling opportunities when equipment is disposed of.


In our hire and transport operations we aim to:

  • Promote use of our equipment in the most effective way practical.
  • Cause no significant adverse environmental incidents or pollution.
  • Conduct our activities in a considerate manner.


In maintenance and other operations on our own premises and on site we aim to:

  • Minimise consumption and waste of all fuels.
  • Reduce noise, dust and other emissions.
  • Dispose of used waste oil and other materials in a responsible way through approved contractors.
  • Use best practice to minimise spillage and effluent and to avoid pollution of waterways.


We will achieve this by:

  • Working collaboratively with our customers, their clients and local communities.
  • Advising our customers on the arrangement of operations to minimise fuel usage and environmental impact.
  • Identifying significant risks to the environment from our equipment and taking practical steps to manage these.
  • Ensuring through training that our employees are aware of the potential environmental impacts of their actions.
  • Seeking continuous improvement in the way we work to achieve better environmental outcomes.


The Managing Director of Hire One Limited is responsible for establishing this Environmental Policy and for reviewing the performance of the Company.


It is the responsibility of every manager and employee in the business to:

  • Perform his or her job so as to comply with all company and statutory environmental requirements.
  • Stop and advise the customers’ representative if they believe their actions cause an environmental incident.
  • Look out for opportunities to improve the company’s environmental performance.
  • This policy will be reviewed regularly and is to be read, understood and implemented in conjunction with the company’s Safety Policy.
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